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zztat is an Oracle performance monitoring and reaction framework.

  • zztat doesn't just tell you that there is a problem. It can also automatically act!
  • zztat supports Oracle versions, 12.1 and 12.2
  • No additional Oracle licenses required
    • zztat runs on Standard Edition 1 and 2, as well as on Enterprise Edition
    • Diagnostics & Tuning pack licenses are not required
  • Built from the ground-up with security in mind
    • No connections to your production databases (in the default operation mode)
    • No agents (this also means there are no huge memory- and CPU-hogging processes running on your servers)
    • Only a single package resides in SYS (and that's optional, too!) - the entire framework runs as a normal unprivileged user
    • Limited access is used whenever possible (zztat follows the principle of least privilege at its core)
    • No ANY-privileges (one exception: CREATE ANY CONTEXT, since Oracle doesn't provide a CREATE CONTEXT privilege)
  • Fully customize-able and configurable
    • Add your own metrics, monitor them with your own gauges and react to them with your own reactions!

High Waits? Arrow.png Take diagnostics, produce a report and send an email!

Extreme Waits? Arrow.png Take a systemstate dump and send an alert!

Long blocking process? Arrow.png Kill it and send a notification.

If zztat alerts you, you no longer have to piece the puzzle back together yourself. All the data you need will already be right there, waiting for you.

What zztat is not