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Before you begin, ensure that the installation prerequisites have been fulfilled.

Setting up your Installation[edit]

zztat is delivered as a tar-ball. To begin, you may want to distribute this to at least two servers hosting Oracle databases: One which will become the zztat repository and one which will become a target database monitored by zztat.

After you extract the tar-ball you will find a number of scripts. The first file to work with is setup.sql, which is grouped into several sections:

  1. Tablespace where we store our data
  2. The schema name of the application user on TARGETS 
  3. The schema name of the repository owner on the REPOSITORY
  4. The database link user account
  5. The database link name to use
  6. Email configuration (optional but highly recommended)
  7. alter session configuration (optional but highly recommended)
  8. zztat sys-helper configuration (optional but highly recommended)

The first section in points 1 through 5 are the mandatory configuration. These determine how and where zztat will be setup by the installer.

The second section in points 6 through 8 are the optional configuration. These determine which advanced zztat features will be available in your installation.

Go through the setup.sql file in detail - it contains a lot of information. Failing to edit the file properly may result in a failed or broken installation.

Installing the Repository[edit]

To begin the zztat repository installation, run the install_repo.sql script. The script requires no parameters, everything is configured within setup.sql

Installing Targets[edit]

To add a new target database to the zztat environment, run the install_target.sql script on the target database. If you have updated setup.sql before installing the repository, remember to copy the file across to the target database host.

Installation Notes & Tips[edit]

Please be aware of the following when running the installation script:

  • Run the installation script when connected as SYS.
  • The script automatically creates the necessary users and grants the necessary privileges.
  • The installer will drop the users before creating them. Do not use this script to correct a problem - you will loose any and all historic zztat data in your repository and / or targets.
    • Do not specify an existing user to install zztat in if it contains any application or user data already. zztat must be installed in a dedicated database schema / user account.
  • The script is designed to be fully re-executable. If you specified the wrong tablespace, or anything else went wrong, you can safely run the script again.
  • The installation script should raise no errors, it may however do so when the script is re-executed, which is expected. BETA1: The script will always raise a few errors at the very beginning when it calls deinstall.sql. This is expected and no cause for concern.
  • Close all database connections you may have to any of the zztat users to avoid problems with the install script. Do not connect to the repository owner schema or the application user schema while running the installer.
  • Run the zzdiag.sql script after the installation completes.

Once you have zztat installed and up and running, take a look at our Quick Guides to see what else you can do now!

For a list of known issues when installing or running zztat, please see here.